October 21, 2021

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Mark Felder
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What's New/Fixed

  • Added the ability to model Partial Repair and Temporary Repair Tasks. Partial Repairs reset the life of an asset/component to a certain percentage. Temporary Repairs only last a set period of time and will delay the increase in PoF. A Temporary Repair can be configured to allow degradation to continue or it could prevent degradation while the temporary repair is in place.
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    • temprepair.jpg


  • You can now associate CMLs to Susceptible Areas
    • CMLsToSusceptibleAreas.gif


  • Updated the Quantitative Inspection Effectiveness screen to include a better description of the results and the estimated PoF at the date of the inspection.
    • mceclip2.png


  • Removed the Task Type selection from the task details screen. The Task Type is now set automatically based on the Task Definition. The Task Definitions can be managed via Configuration>Resource Data>Task Definition.
    • TaskTypeChanges.gif


  • Added new asset subtypes "Unrated Vessel Tank - Oil Reservoir & Components" and "Blower/Fan -  Fin Fan (Non-Fixed Portion)"
  • Fixed an issue where downloading data from the Probability of Being Available chart would produce a corrupted Excel file
  • Fixed an issue there the CoF Analysis Results export would not work on certain tenants

Known Issues

  • Partial Repair Tasks are not correctly calculating Risk With Plan when % Repaired value is less than 100%
  • Assessments with Temporary Repair Tasks are failing to calculate is some cases
  • Temporary and Partial Repairs Tasks are in incorrectly resetting the component install date when the task is marked as completed

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