August 27, 2021

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What's New

Task Definitions on the PoF Assessment Screen

Back by popular demand! We have enable task definitions to show on the PoF ARA page. These will look and perform in much the same way as the old-style potential tasks with some key differences.

  • Each tile on the board view represents "Task Definitions" or a group of tasks that are using the same definition.
  • Tasks can exist at the Asset, Component, or CML level so it is possible to see tasks on your assessment that aren't linked to the component you are viewing.
  • Clicking on the Task Definition will expand and filter the right hand pane to show you tasks using that definition. Note in cases where your browser window is too small clicking a task definition will navigate you to the Tasks tab of the ARA.
  • Using the card-filter option on the bard view can help you quickly see tasks that are associated to the the specific function(s) on the assessment




Import/Export Enhancements

We are continuing to roll out enhancements to our import/exports so far the following import exports are using the enhanced feature:

  • Asset Register
  • Unit, System, and Asset Data
  • Process Data
  • Inventory Groups

What's Fixed

  • Corrected an issue where the API Internal/External Damage Factor PoF models would take longer than expected to calculate.
  • CMLs configured to have a Critical Limit that is equal to the Base Material Thickness will no longer through an unhelpful error message.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scenario Comparison page would intermittently fail to load.

Known Issues

  • Assessments with a large number of CMLs (~300) using the Multi-Path PoF Model will take a long time to load and the Results screen may appear unresponsive. If you are patient it will eventually load. We are working to correct this issue.

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