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June 28, 2021

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Mark Felder
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What's New

New Data Export structure for charts on ARA Screen

  • On the ARA screen, data of each of the below charts for every rendered curve can be downloaded on the same excel export
    • Chart 1
        • Component PoF
        • Component Hazard Rate
    • Chart 2
        • Asset Risk Over Time
        • Component Risk Over Time
        • HSE Risk

Other Updates and Fixes

  • Users can now delete CML with readings inside without having to remove associated links
  • Code changes performed to prevent assessments from not returning back results occasionally
  • UI rendering of Critical Limits portion on LVC chart for all CML types has been fixed
  • Import sheet and UI is in sync for Install and In-Service dates
  • For Thickness Readings location, error message for "Geometry Type" has been resolved
  • Storage Tank icon on Asset Register page has been corrected
  • Issue with long calculation time when Cladding LVC curve contains nulls has been resolved
  • Lining end of life appropriately delays Multi-Path LVC curve
  • For Thinning failure mode with no Internal failure mechanisms and External Susceptibility set to False; we get a proper error message when we try to run calculation with Cladding details entered.
  • Newton correctly renders LVC graph for cladded assets
  • Branding on Newton has been updated from Vantage Software to PinnacleTech

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