March 31, 2021

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Mark Felder
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What's New and Fixed

  • Corrected an error on the High Temperature H2/H2S Corrosion Failure Mechanism calculator.
  • Added more filters on the user management screen to make it easier to use.
  • Added the ability to download your import sheet from previous import jobs. If you are a Company Admin you can do this for all users.
  • Resolved several additional minor issues.

Data Health Banner

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out the Data Health banner throughout Newton. This is now available on the Facility Dashboard. This will show you the overall health of your asset data from any screen.


Mass Unit Recalculations

Over the last several releases, we have been improving the performance of the mass unit recalculations. We also added the ability to update unit metrics without doing a full recalculation. This will recalculate things like Facility & Unit Availability Over Time.


Availability Over Time

We corrected an issue in the upper and lower bounds of the Availability Over Time calculation. Previously the uncertainty that we were displaying was far too large. We are now displaying the correct values. Here is an example of what it looked like before and after the improvement. In order to fix this on your facility, you must run Updates Unit Metrics.



March31-AvailabilityOvertime_before.png March31-AvailabilityOvertime_after.png


Removed the Availability Override

We removed the ability to set an Availability Override on an Assessment and removed the ability to specific a Reduced Production Capacity on the Newton Lost Production Consequence of Failure (CoF) card. These settings had similar purposes and conflicting results so we unified them into a single setting called Lost Production Impact % that resides on the asset. This values specifies the impact to the system if that asset were to go offline (100% = full impact and 0% = no impact). 



Known Issues

  • Some areas display availability that was calculated using our older methodology (mechanical availability). We are in the process of converting all of these to the new method.

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