October 20, 2020

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Shaju Sachin
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What's New

  • Update PoF Model names and descriptions in Newton as part of the API PoF Calculation rollout

  • Added the following fields field as additional Facility Calculation Settings

    • Economic Risk Threshold
    • Population Density
    • Injury Cost per Person
  • The Risk Over Time chart will now calculate Risk based on your Risk Calculation Method setting at the facility level

  • When the Risk Calculation Method setting is change to "Calculate risk using Hazard Rate" the Risk Threshold units will update to $/year

  • Allowing users to acknowledge a popup with an enter key rather having to click "OK" or "Yes"

  • Added an Edit button to the CML Location Details tab for ease of use

  • Added a flag at the Facility level to turn off the Cumulative Cost Over Time chart that is shown on the results screen

  • Added a separate dashed line to the LVC chart for CMLs with a Cladding Thickness to represent the nominal thickness of the cladding

  • Update the display labels for all pressures to psig so that it is clear that it is gauge pressure.

  • Unabbreviated all default Newton Failure Mechanisms from SCC to Stress Corrosion Cracking so that we have consistent usage

  • Added the following new fields to use as API PoF Model inputs

    • Online Lining Monitoring
    • Has Soil to Air Interface?
    • Subject to Water Pooling?
    • Is Deadleg?
  • Enabled the ability to embed Sisense Dashboards into Newton Insights

    • Newton has the ability to pass the current Facility/Scenario Id to the Sisense dashboard so that data can be filtered to a the current Facility/Scenario
    • Users must be authenticated into Sisense and have the appropriate permissions to correctly view dashboards

API 581 Calculations

As part of this release we are continuing to deploy API PoF Models to production. We have included the Internal Thinning Damage Factor (API 581) PoF model as part of this release. This model is still a work in progress and has known issues.

We have also started passing intermediate results back for the following API PoF Models. These results are currently only visible in the payload response

  • Stress Corrosion Cracking Damage Factor (API 581)
  • External Damage Factor (API 581)
  • Internal Thinning Damage Factor (API 581)

You will also see new fields on the CoF Assessment tab. The API CoF calculations and CoF Cards have not been included in this release but the primary input fields are now available to use.


What's Fixed

  • Corrected an issue where the External Damage Factor (API 581) PoF Model was returning incorrect validation messages to the user
  • Fixed an issue where CML Reading dates would throw an error when entering the date manually instead of using the date picker
  • Fixed an issue where an assessment with multiple different Weibull PoF models was not calculating correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Organic Acid appeared twice in the new Stream window

Known Issues

As noted above the API PoF Models and CoF cards are still a work in progress and in testing. The CoF cards are not fully functional and there are known issues in the various API PoF Models that are being actively worked on.

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