December 14, 2020

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Shaju Sachin
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What's New

Embrittlement Damage Factor (API 581) PoF Model

We have release the first version of the API 581 Embrittlement Damage Factor Probability of Failure (PoF) Model. This model support calculation the Hazard Rate and PoF for the Temper Embrittlement case.


Availability Over Time

In addition to calculating the projected availability over a select time frame (for example, your asset will be 98% available over the next 10 years), now Newton can calculate Instantaneous Availability and show your projected historical and future availability for an asset. In the coming releases, we will be working to predict the availability for Units and Facilities using this data

This is a work in progress feature. The current chart in Newton will show a truncated line but you are able to download the full precision time series to Excel.


Facility Dashboard (Preview)

We are working on a revamped dashboard. This dashboard will become a standard feature of Newton and will eventually show availability, cost, and risk over time data.

For the first chart, Cumulative Cost Over Time, we have given three different visualization options. 


Other Items

  • Allowed the user to override the calculated Inventory Group Mass.
  • Allowed Pipe and Mix/Injection Point Asset Types to be marked as having cladding.
  • Updated the Acidic Sour Water Corrosion Failure Mechanism Calculator to reflect Newton best practice.
  • Updated the Asset Register to make it easier to edit items and changed the layout of the edit screen.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the coating age was not being properly calculated for the Stress Corrosion Cracking Damage Factor (API 581) and External Damage Factor (API 581) PoF Models,
  • Fixed an issue where multiple SCC Mechanisms were not being combined correctly in the Stress Corrosion Cracking Damage Factor (API 581) PoF Model,
  • Increased the number of digits reported in facility availability from three to four.
  • Renamed the Metallurgy field to Material.
  • Removed the use of 12Cr as a material in Newton.
  • Increased padding on PoF and Risk Over Time charts so that lines at the top of the chart would not be cut off.
  • Fixed an issue where an In-Service Date of 1/1/1970 would cause one of our third-party charting components to report an error.
  • Removed the validation for the Population Density and Injury Cost per Person fields when the "Display HSE CoF and Risk in ft²" Options Package is turned on.
  • Removed default values when adding new items to the Asset Register.
  • Fixed an interpolation issue that would produce unexpected peaks in the Risk over time curve.

Known Issues

  • Newton might report error when deleting an item from the Asset Register in a newly created Scenario.
  • Top 10 Contributors by Economic Risk Today on the facility dashboard is being incorrectly calculated and does not match the Risk over Time curve in an Asset's ARA Results.
  • The Vibration (Damage Onset) and Oil Degradation (Damage Onset) PoF models take a very long time to calculate when there are many (~100) tasks included in the assessment.

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