November 18, 2020

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What's New

Consequence of Failure Assessment

We have released the new Consequence of Failure (CoF) Assessment screen. This allows you to perform a consequence of failure analysis in any of the three main CoF Categories: HSE, repair/replace, and lost production. The following cards are available in the CoF Assessment:

  • Manual (HSE, Repair/Replace, or Lost Production) - Allows you to enter your own value for consequence of failure
  • Newton Repair/Replacement Task - Lets you link to a maintenance task from the PoF Assessment and use that task cost as the CoF
  • Newton Lost Production - Uses the Newton System Model Diagram to dynamically calculate the cost of downtime based on the asset's configuration in the unit
  • API 581 Level 1 Personnel Injury - The following cards use the API 3rd Edition Addendum 1 Level 1 calculations to calculate CoF
  • API 581 Level 1 Environmental
  • API 581 Level 1 Component Damage
  • API 581 Level 1 Surrounding Area
  • API 581 Level 1 Business Interruption

Each card will show additional intermediate results on the card details view, and you are able to download results from each step of the calculation. The Shared Field view will allow you to manage fields required to run the API CoF cards including the ability to assign and mange inventory groups.




Options Package to show HSE CoF/Risk in ft2

We have developed a custom options package for clients that would like to display HSE CoF and Risk in terms of ft2 rather than dollars. Options Packages can be installed into your tenant and are configured at the facility level.


API PoF Models with Intermediate Results

We are including the following API 581 PoF Models in this release. We have also added the ability to download intermediate timeseries calculation results for the API 581 PoF Models. This will allow you to perform further analysis of the PoF/Hazard Rate curves.

  • Stress Corrosion Cracking Damage Factor (API 581)
  • External Damage Factor (API 581)
  • Internal Thinning Damage Factor (API 581)

The Embrittlement Damage Factor (API 581) PoF Model (previously known as Brittle Fracture Damage Factor) is still a work in progress but we have added additional data fields to support this model as part of this release.


Import/Export Updates

We have enabled import/exports for all the changes mentioned above. The following three new import/exports are:

  • Import/Export Inventory Groups
  • Import/Export CoF Assessment Data, which includes cards and shared fields
  • Export results from each step of the CoF Calculation for all CoF Assessments in the Facility


Risk Thresholds

You are now able to set HSE and Economic risk threshold and visualize when your asset will breach the threshold. Newton will also calculate and report this breach date on the results screen.


Other Items

  • Added Failure Mechanisms calculator for Temper Embrittlement
  • Added the option to select "None" for the Mitigation System Rating field on the Asset Details screen
  • Removed some redundant component attributes from the system
  • Allowed users to enter three decimal places in the Component Volume (ft3) field
  • Allowed users to enter five decimal places in the Population Density Field
  • Removed the "Run Quick Calculation" option from the Assessment menu

What's Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where toxic percentage values did not correctly display decimal values.
  • Updated the Assessment Copy feature to include Failure Mechanism Damage Mode overrides.
  • Fixed an issue where fitters would not reset on the Thickness Readings Grid when switching CMLs.
  • Now using the oldest task as the Event date when an event has multiple tasks spanning several days.
  • Fixed an issue where credit due an inspection event would not result in vertical drops in the PoF curve.

Known Issues

  • The calculation service has some instabilities in its scaling service. This may result in calculations taking longer than usual to complete. We are actively working on this issue.
  • The Economic and HSE Risk Today on the Facility Dashboard is not calculating correctly.
  • There is a known issue in the Internal Thinning Damage Factor (API 581) PoF model where the lining damage factor is not being calculated correctly
  • Embrittlement Damage Factor (API 581) PoF Model is able to be selected in a Failure Mode card but is not yet officially supported

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