February 25, 2021

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Mark Felder
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What's New and Fixed

  • Added two asset sub-types and six new system types.
  • Added two new functions to the default resource data list and all existing facilities
  • Fixed the default sizing of the Name column in the Ranked CML grid on the Results screen.
  • Fixed an issue where a mass recalculation on a scenario would sometimes use the current start corrosion rates.
  • We now have a policy that job history is only stored for 30 days.
  • Made some improvements to our welcome emails.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple consecutive searches in a search box would not work.
  • Fixed an alignment issue on the today line on the Risk Over Time chart on the Results screen.
  • Added a mass recalculation option to recalculate all "out of date" assessments.
  • Added the ability to view all graphs in full screen.
  • Fixed some display issues on the Scenario Comparison Dashboard.

Facility Dashboard

The new facility dashboard is official out of preview. We've hidden the old version of the dashboard, but if you ever need to get to it you can modify your URL as: tenant.newton.vantagesoftware.net/scenario/0000000/OldFacilityDashboard

As part of the release, we:

  • Improved the handling of invalid date inputs on the date filter
  • Set the default view of the dashboard to showing the Availability section with all other sections collapsed
  • Made it easier to collapse and expand sections
  • Made some of the charting colors more distinct
  • Added a Top 10 Contributors to Downtime chart
  • Hyperlinked the tasks in the Task Summary grid to the Asset Risk Analysis (ARA) Assessment page
  • Fixed an issue where the Availability chart did not align with the dashboard date filter
  • Now only showing calculated availability going forward from "today"
  • Finished enable data exports for all charts on the dashboards
  • Added info boxes to better explain the metrics that are shown on the dashboards



Calculation Performance Improvement

We made a lot of behind the scenes changes to how calculation results are processed and stored. The results are some big performance improvements for you.

  • The individual calculation result process time went from ~2.5 minutes to just ~30 seconds and the unit availability calculation went from ~3 minutes to ~5 seconds.
  • We also did a lot of tuning on our database and reduced its size by half. 

Availability Calculation Update

We have made some improvements to how we calculate availability over time. There were cases where assets that had very small downtime windows would cause the calculation to result in a lower than expected availability value. While this only resulted in 0.5% to 1% decrease in availability for an asset, it had larger implications for the facility/unit as a whole.

Here is an example before and after our improvements were implemented. As you can see, this had a significnat improvement on unit availability and brought the calculation results to what we expected.


Known Issues

  • We are still investigating the methodology behind the Contributor to Downtime calculation.
  • Some areas display availability that was calculated using our older methodology. We are in the process of converting all of these to the new method.


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