February 9, 2021

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Mark Felder
  • Updated

What's New and Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the Availability Over Time Facility/Unit was not being calculated correctly. You can now recalculate any asset in the Facility/Unit and the chart will render correctly.
  • Fixed issues that were caused by leaving the dashboard date filter blank.
  • Removed some conflicting availability values from the dashboard.
  • Concluded our AB testing for Cumulative Cost Over Time.
  • Added information boxes to the Asset Risk Analysis (ARA) Results screen to better explain what the numbers mean.
  • Enabled the export for data from the following charts on the dashboard:
    • Top 10 Contributors to HSE Risk
    • Unmitigated HSE Risk Over Time
    • Unmitigated Economic Risk Over Time
    • Cumulative Task Count Over Time
    • Cumulative Task Cost Over Time
    • Top 10 Contributors to Cost
    • Task Cost per Time Period

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