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Welcome to Newton - a reliability simulator and decision making tool created by Vantage to facilitate Pinnacle's Quantitative Reliability Optimization (QRO) methodology. This software application allows project teams to do more with their mechanical integrity and reliability-centered maintenance data.


Helpful Icons

On the righthand side of the Navigation Bar are some helpful tools for the user to be able to navigate the configuration of their facility, company, and calculations.


The Map Icon allows users to access the high level configuration of their current facility. This includes:

  • Calculation Date Range 
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Risk Threshold (link to risk page with definitions)
  • Economic Risk Threshold (link to risk page with definitions)

Additionally, users can toggle between Facilities within the same Company using this Icon.


The Bell Icon allows users to access the current notifications relating to calculations occurring in Newton. Users can use this feature to track the progress of any calculations being run in Newton.


The Question Mark Icon allows users to request in-app support. This enables the user to be redirected to this Knowledge Base or to submit a support ticket to our Client Success Team.


The Person Icon allows users to change their password, sign out of the software, and toggle to another Company should they have access to more than one.



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